3 Ways to Make Better Use of Tatami Mat in Your Room!

August 17, 2021

3 Ways to Make Better Use of Tatami Mat in Your Room!

There are many different ways to create a unique and comfortable room in your house. If you are interested in Tatami and Japanese culture, or simply like to try new interior design, this is the right place for you! We will introduce how to transform your room to be special from ordinary with a Tatami mat from Interra USA.

Create Remote Working or Learning Space

This is a perfect way to use the Tatami mat in your room if you work or study remotely from home. We recommend this way especially for those who are comfortable using a low center/coffee table and sitting on the floor. This is actually an effective way to utilize space in your room. Compared to sitting in a chair and using the desk, you can use the floor as an extra space to put some stuff that you need but do not have space to put it on your desk while working or studying.

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Create Safe Space for Children to Play and for Parents to Take Care of Babies

Tatami mat is softer than flooring and is a good and safe material for children, especially babies who crawl. Compared to using a crib that has limited space, it is much easier for you to change the baby’s diaper in a Tatami mat so that you can use space efficiently. Just installing Tatami mats create a comfortable place for your children to play inside. Additionally, our Tatami mat is stain-resistant, and waterproof, and has excellent durability. It is easy for you to keep the Tatami room clean and safe.

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Create Interactive Space to Have a Quality Time

It is a perfect place for you and your guests to spend quality time together inside of your house. You can have a meal together, enjoy tea/coffee, watch a movie together, or simply enjoy having a conversation in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere with your guests. Tatami room provides you and your guests to have special and unique memories.

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Just installing Tatami mats in your room help to create your unique, special, and relaxing space. Now visit our website to choose your favorite Tatami mat and start room makeover!

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