5 Tips to Create Authentic Tatami Room in Western Style House and Apartment

July 14, 2021

Easy Ways to Perform Japanese Tatami Inspired Interior Design in Your Room

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For those living outside of Japan and reading this blog, how much is your interest in Tatami and Japanese-style interior design? You might face difficulties of experiencing Tatami and Japanese culture in every life although you have a huge interest in both of them. Interra USA has heard this feedback a lot and now we would like to share that by understanding 5 important keys, it is possible to make an authentic Tatami room or space in your house.

1. Choose a room where sunlight streamed through a window

Using nature is a key to use Tatami to the fullest extent. Nature brings clean air, warmth, and a relaxing atmosphere. When it comes to selecting a room, it is important to have natural light to effectively utilize the beauty of Tatami. Tatami is known for being well-ventilated and creating a comfortable and relaxing space. By adding natural light, your Tatami room will look more beautiful and natural.

2. Choose light or muted colors for the color theme of the room

For the color theme of your selected Tatami room, choose light or muted colors that suggest nature and warmth, for example, wood stain color, beige, black, and white. Also, do not choose bright, vivid, and fluorescent colors. This applies to the colors of furniture, wall, flooring, and ceiling as well. As we mentioned earlier, having a natural style is necessary to create an authentic Japanese Tatami room. Just knowing colors that perfectly fit with Tatami, you can perform the authentic beauty of Japanese traditional style in western style home or any type of home.

3. Do not place a lot of furniture and keep the room simple

Traditionally, Japanese-style houses are clean and have minimal furniture; simplicity has a real beauty. In order to enjoy the beauty of Tatami and its atmosphere, you want to utilize the space by keeping it simple and clean and having minimum furniture.

Having a Tatami room is a great idea for people who are minimalist and are interested in keeping the living space simple with fewer items.

4. Put center/coffee table and zabuton sitting mat in the room

It is normal to take off your shoes before entering a house in Japan and go barefoot in the Tatami room. Traditionally, people in Japan do daily activities like having meals by sitting down on the floor and using a low center/coffee table. Thus, just by installing two items in the western house, it helps to make the room more Japaneseish where you can enjoy Tatami and have a peaceful and relaxing time.

If you can’t find a zabuton sitting mat, the alternative items can be a sitting cushion or a floor chair.

5. Decorate the room with Ikebana flower arrangement or plant

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Ikebana is a traditional Japanese artwork where you add flowers and tree branches in a vase. Adding not too many flowers and tree branches and using space efficiently is considered the beauty of Ikebana. Both Tatami and Ikebana share the same concepts of keeping it simple, which create the perfect combination in the space. Just placing Ikebana or plant makes a difference in the Tatami room. Additionally, it is not that difficult to create Ikebana from your house.

Having a natural style and the atmosphere is very important to fulfill authentic Japanese style into your house. You don’t need to put a lot of them, you just need one or two Ikebana or something that preform nature.

Just keep in mind to use 5 tips, sunlight, color theme, less furniture, center table & zabuton sitting mat, and Ikebana flower arrangement! Visit our online shop to explore Tatami mats! It is time for you to take action now and have your own Tatami room in your house!

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