Founded in 1980, Goater has decades of experience in forward-looking design and flawless craftsmanship that creating unsurpassed kitchen solutions.

We drive for innovation with an obsession for detail and an unrelenting focus on quality.
From design to installation, every step of the process, we create unique value, delivering living kitchens where eco-friendly wood and top quality fittings are employed.

Elegant appearance with smart functionality, we listen to customers to realizing exclusively customized kitchen designs which precisely meet their needs.
Superior Artworks!

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Starting from the concept of “home,” we prioritize your quality of life in your living space. We are dedicated to importing high-quality European eco-friendly board materials that comply with the EU E1 standard for the lowest formaldehyde content and the highest moisture resistance coefficient. Additionally, our eco-friendly boards have successfully passed various SGS inspections and obtained certifications from domestic and international environmental standards. We are committed to safeguarding your health and putting forth our best efforts in environmental conservation.

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Professional kitchen cabinets manufacturing factory:

We have our own professional factory and operation headquarters in Taiwan to monitor quality and control.

Professional SOP Assembly Process:

Our assembly process follows a rigorous Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that includes the following steps: Incoming Inspection, Assembly Production Line, On-Site Calibration, Quality Management, and Shipping Packaging. This ensures precision and efficiency in every stage of production.

State-of-the-Art Mechanical Equipment:

We employ professional woodworking machinery in conjunction with skilled technical personnel to enhance work efficiency, production capacity, and product quality.

Strictly select environmentally friendly and low formaldehyde Panels:

select European imported E1 / F☆☆☆☆ panels, to protect your health.

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Goater offers outstanding modern system furniture and modern kitchen design.
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