What is Tatami? How to Upgrade Your House with Tatami!

July 30, 2021

What is Tatami? How to Upgrade Your House with Tatami!

Hello, everyone. The pandemic has been getting settled down compared to last year and many of you start living in a new place this year. Or some of you got bored of your room. It’s not easy to create a room where you can feel calm and rediscover yourself. But Tatami is one of the best ways to upgrade your room, and it can be used in various ways.

What is Tatami?

Tatami is a unique piece of Japanese culture, and some of you have seen it in anime and Japanese movies. Tatami has been using as bedding or substituting Tatami for carpet and flooring by people from 1300 years ago in Japan. It is mainly used in a wide range of situations such as judo, tea ceremony, yoga, and Japanese-style rooms.

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Is It Difficult to Install Tatami in Your Room?

It is a bit difficult to install as they require detailed room dimensions. On the other hand, a tatami “mat (unit/Oki-tatami)” is easy to install because you only need to place it like a rug on the flooring. The surface is smooth and has a great texture, and you usually take off your shoes to sit on them.

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Make Your Living Room Japanese Modern-Style with Tatami

A calm Japanese modern style that makes you feel relaxed while being fashionable and modern. Why don’t you make your living room the place where you can relax the most? Interra USA has 5 different colors of Tatami mat and you find the one that suits your taste.

Tatami is one of the best ways to change the mood in your living room.

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You Can Create a Playground for Your Children with Tatami

Tatami is the best way to create a playground for your kids and you can spend quality time with your kids on the playground at home. It’s easy to create a playground Since The “Oki-Tatami” from Interra USA is stain-resistant, and waterproof, it has excellent durability. That’s why you can easily wipe off sweat or spilled drinks.

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Add Raised Tatami-floored Seating Area in Your House with Tatami

You can sit on the steps of raised area and relax. Because the tatami space is one step higher than the flooring, you can take a nap on it or you can use the space as a bed if you lay a futon. By adding a partition such as curtains or shoji, you can create a semi-private room or use the space as you like.

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