Daiken Group has developed a multitude of products by capitalizing on limited resources and listening to our customers’ needs. Today Daiken has evolved into a company where their efforts have accrued to provide first rate building materials and comfortable spaces for our customers.

Tatami Mat
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Interior Wall Panel
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Maxell, which is famous for cassette tapes, has been developing and selling air-tight products and flashing materials in the Japanese market for a long time.

Sealer & Tapes
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Goater has decades of experience in forward-looking design and flawless craftsmanship that creating unsurpassed kitchen solutions.

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SANEI has produced modern design faucets. Their products are simple design, functional design, and in harmony with the surroundings.

Bathroom Faucet
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The Joto-Vent System is a new system for the US market, however, it has been used successfully in Japan for the past 50 years and it is their standard for crawl space ventilation.

Joto-Vent System
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MF Corporation has been developing and selling protective materials in the Japanese market for a long time, which prevent scratches and dirt on building components in construction work.

Protective Materials
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