Tatami Mat



Why Daiken Tatami?

Tatami is a Japanese unique culture never seen in other countries in the world.

Traditionally, Tatami is composed of a board made of straw and surface covered with woven Igusa(Rush straw). However, Tatami made of "Rush straw" have some disadvantages such as causing discoloration, abrasion, and tick exposure.

DAIKEN developed a new material of Tatami using Japanese woven paper. This surface has a high performance which includes resistance to ticks, mold, climate, water, and abrasion.

Enjoy comfortable living with DAIKEN Tatami.

Made in Japan


Tatami Surface - From a luxurious type to versatile type, DAIKEN's tatami surface offers various types of patterns. The product can be used for a wide range of locations such as houses, apartments, hotels, and restaurants.

Tatami Mat Specifications-

  • Dimensions: 13mm thick, 820x820mm
  • Packing material, quantity: Cardboard case (2 or 3 pieces per package)
  • Weight: Approx. 3kg per piece
  • Base material: Insulation board
  • Front surface: Machine-made Japanese Washi paper* fabrics (DAIKEN's Tatami facing)
  • Back surface: Slip-proof sheet
  • Formaldehyde regulations: Labeling exempted product machine-made Japanese Washi paper is used. This is not hand-made Washi paper made of hybrid mulberry, oriental paperbush, etc.

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