Maxell Air-tight Products Available in the US Market

April 16, 2021

Interra USA and Maxell

Maxell’s Air-tight Products (M.A.P. System) for air-tight houses

We, Interra USA, have a new partner “Maxell”, which is famous for cassette tapes. They have been developing and selling air-tight products and flashing materials for housing in the Japanese market for a long time. And now it became a time to expand their high-quality building material merchandise in the US market. The primary and differentiating feature of Maxell’s air-tight and flashing materials are “Quick and easy to install”. Maxell contributes to construction by creating products with workability, efficiency, and environmental conformability in mind. Interra USA will support promoting and distribution for all the customers in the US.

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History of Maxell

Maxell was founded in 1960 (September). The name “Maxell” stands for “Maximum Capacity Dry Cell”. Their famous logo has been used since 1970 and had never changed except the color. The first thing that they had done was to start manufacturing alkaline batteries in Japan. In 1968, they became the very first company that commercialized cassettes in the Japanese market. One other thing that they have commercialized was the floppy disk in 1976. Since then, Maxell has been the top manufacture in those related industries until today.


For housing, they will start promoting two types of merchandise.
1. Pipe & Wall Sealer (for pipe penetration)
2. Air Sealing & Flashing Tape (for sheathing joints)

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You can also find the information through their Maxell website.
Maxell Webpage

If you are interested in these products, please contact us as soon as possible to create ” a comfortable & rich living environment.”