Maxell's Air-tight Products

(M.A.P. system)


Maxell, which is famous for cassette tapes, has been developing and selling air-tight products and flashing materials in the Japanese market for a long time.

The primary and differentiating feature of Maxell’s air-tight and flashing materials is “Quick and easy to install”.

We contribute to construction by creating products with workability, efficiency, and environmental conformability in mind.  



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For Exterior Use

Pipe & Wall Sealer (For pipe penetrations) 

Air Sealing & Flashing Tape (For sheathing joints)


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For Interior Use

Air sealing & Seam Tape (For vapor barrier joint) 




Pipe & Wall Sealer  


Pipe & Wall Sealer is an airtight and waterproof adhesive sheet to be applied to pipes that pass through the outer layers of buildings.



Structure & Materials


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◆The construction time of the pipe penetration can be shortened

◆Variations by workers are minimized

◆Excellent airtightness and waterproofness are achieved


Application Examples

◆For airtightness of the sheathing around the area where pipes pass-through

◆For airtightness of the vapor barrier sheet around the area where pipes pass-through

◆For waterproofing of the house wrap around the area where pipes pass-through


How to Use
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① Press Pipe & Wall Sealer into the pipe

② Apply Pipe & Wall Sealer by peeling one side of the release paper

③ Apply pressure using a roller to ensure proper adhesion


Air Sealing & Flashing Taperibbon new.png


Air Sealing & Flashing Tape is an airtight and waterproof adhesive tape to cover the joints of sheathings and insulation board.

Structure & Materials




◆It is easily rolled back and cut by hand  

◆No excessive waste is produced on-site, making the product environmentally friendly

◆Excellent airtightness and waterproofness are achieved


Application Examples

◆For airtightness of the air & water barrier sheathing joint

◆For airtightness of insulation board joint


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Air Sealing & Seam Tape  


Air Sealing & Seam Tape is a single-faced adhesive tape of synthetic fabric backing which is coated by synthetic resin pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA). It shows the excellent effect fixing of the vapor barrier to create a continuous air barrier and reduces moisture intrusion and accumulation into the wall system. Since the bordering of white synthetic fabric is straight and hand-tearable, the workability is superior.



Structure & Materials

◆ By using high-performance adhesive, excellent air-tightness is achieved.

◆The construction time can be reduced due to being rewound smoothly and hand-tearable.

◆Since there is no release paper, on-site waste can be significantly reduced.


Application Example

◆ Joint tape for vapor barrier/retarder


Performance Characteristics