Collaboration of Interra USA and ABE DESIGN From June Issue of Lighthouse!

June 24, 2021

Collaboration of Interra USA and ABE DESIGN From June Issue of Lighthouse!

Hello, everyone. Interra USA is back! Have you ever heard of a local magazine called “Lighthouse”? Lighthouse is distributed to Japanese restaurants and grocery stores in some major cities in the U.S. and we believe some people might have had chances to get to know it already. It is our pleasure to announce to you that Tatami mats from Interra USA were introduced as one of the features, “Tips to improve everyday lives from Q&A” on Lighthouse which was released in June for the Seattle/Portland edition!

Read the actual article (Page 8)

This blog is written to give you a better understanding of the feature article from Lighthouse.

Tatami Mat in the U.S.?

Interra USA has expanded the business by mainly importing Japanese building materials to the U.S. We have been working hard on sales of Tatami Mats as our new projects for half a year. You might be wondering why we sell Tatami Mats in the U.S. We discovered that there are only a few dealers who make and sell Tatami Mat in the U.S. by talking with a lot of people from Japanese carpenters, building contractors, and construction firms and hearing that they have a difficult time finding the best Tatami. Only the problem with Tatami was that it is not affordable even though there is a growing demand for it because there are a lot of Japanese people living in the U.S. especially on the West Coast. Thus, we, Interra USA, made it possible to deliver the functional and fashionable Tatami Mats which were made in Japan at Daiken Corporation to as many people as we can by utilizing regular air freight from Japan to the U.S. effectively and by keeping the expense to the minimum.

Functions of Tatami Mats

Some people might say “I want to have Tatami in my house but I don’t know any construction firms which have Tatami” or “I want to create an atmosphere of a combination of Japanese tradition and Western modernity with doing DIY projects.” Interra USA has Tatami Mats which are easy to install in rooms even to the beginner and people who do not know architecture. Our square Tatami Mat is made from washi, Japanese traditional paper, which contains a special coating, and goes well with the Western-style rooms. Compared to the traditional Tatami which is made from rush, our Tatami is durable enough to resist any damage, scratch, mold, and fading by coating washi paper as a process of making Tatami. It is very thin, approximately 12-13mm / 0.5 inch, and has slip-resistant on the back which makes it easy to change the atmosphere of a room by simply placing it over the original flooring. Additionally, compared to the traditional Tatami which requires some work to install due to its size of 55mm / 2.2inch, you can do DIY with Tatami as an alternative to the flooring since the thickness of our Tatami is very close to typical flooring. It is useful for those who want to change their entire flooring with Tatami.

Click here for more detail of Tatami Mats from Interra USA

Patterns and Colors for Tatami Mats

For Tatami Mats, there are 4 patterns and you can pick your preferred color for the specific pattern you choose. In total, there are 18 different types of Tatami Mats from Interra USA. You can create a great and comfortable ambiance to your room through our different varieties of Tatami Mats by selecting your favorite color. You can find lists of colors and images of patterns below.

You can purchase our Tatami Mats from the website! As of June, we have standing stocks of 5 different colors’ Tatami Mats. We offer free shipping for a customer who purchases a product and delivers it within the U.S. now.

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Some colors/patterns of Tatami Mats are not available on the Website, so feel free to ask us anything through the email which is listed at the bottom of the blog so that we can place an order for you.

Collaboration with ABE DESIGN on Interior Design

It is our pleasure to announce a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with ABE DESIGN. We would like to introduce Mr. Hiroki Abe, a professional architectural designer and principal from ABE DESIGN based in Portland, Oregon since 2014. We would like to ask you to go check the feature article of ABE DESIGN in Lighthouse. Most importantly, we are happy to tell you that Mr. Abe did interior design by using our Tatami Mats! The design is stylish and expresses the combination of Japanese tradition and Western modernity nicely, which will be a helpful design and resource for Tatami in regular housing as well as a shopping complex. Feel free to reach out to ABE DESIGN, not Interra USA, about any questions about interior construction using this design with Tatami.

Click here to learn about ABE DESIGN more on their website!

These are 3 types of Tatami Mats that were used for the interior design.↓↓

Pattern: Sazanami / Color: White Brown/font>
Click the image for more detail

Pattern: Saien Sparkle / Color: Black Ink/font>
Click the image for more detail

 Pattern: Seiryu / Color: Silver Green/font>
Click the image for more detail

Although some Tatami which is used for illumination are not distributed to the public for purchase, it will be a wonderful opportunity for you to create your original interior design items by reaching out to ABE DESIGN. Please enjoy reading our feature article in Lighthouse if you have the printed version on your hands by any chance. Interra USA is able to ship products across the U.S. If you’re interested in purchasing our products, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to hear from you!

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