Area Rugs with Excellent Functionality And Durability? Three Things You Should Know About Tatami mats!

August 30, 2021

Three Things You Should Know About Tatami Mats!

“Tatami” may not be well known by people in the US. But no area rug is more functional and durable than the Tatami mats from Interra USA. Here are the differences between our Tatami mats and ordinary area rugs that you often see.

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Our Tatami Mats Are Stain- Resistant

Since our Tatami Mats are stain-resistant, you can easily wipe off sweat or spilled drinks.
It is especially suitable for households with pets or babies and for people who exercise. The maker of our Tatami mats, DAIKEN developed a new material of tatami using Japanese woven paper. This surface has a high performance, including resistance to ticks, mold, climate, water, and abrasion.

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Our Tatami Mats are Slip-proof

Our tatami mats are slip-proof and it prevents a falling accident on our tatami mats. This is important for the users of our Tatami mats especially, kids, and elderly people to use our tatami mats with safety, and you don’t need to worry about slipping tatami mats. Plus, it causes a falling accident.

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Our Tatami Mats Are Easy-To-Install

It is a bit difficult to install as they require detailed room dimensions. On the other hand, a tatami “mat (unit/Oki-tatami)” is easy to install because you only need to place it like a rug on the flooring. The surface is smooth and has a great texture, and you usually take off your shoes to sit on them.

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