3 tips of arranging sofa on tatami mat room

April 30, 2021

3 tips of arranging sofa on tatami mat room

The coordination that creates a fashionable modern Japanese style

Sofas will match with the Japanese tatami rooms depending on coordination, even most people think that the sofas are usually used for western-style houses. Nowadays, people prefer relaxing on the sofa rather than sitting on the zabuton, Japanese cushion, or the zaisu, Japanese chair, placed on the tatami room.

Although, you have to be careful when choosing the design. Please use this as a tip to choose the best sofa in your tatami room, and make the space cozy and comfortable.

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The way of choosing sofa when placing on a tatami mat

1. Choose a low seating design


The Japanese-style room is a space created in the traditional “floor seat” culture.
From ancient times, people have lived from a low perspective, admiring the vases displayed between the alcove and looking at the landscape of the garden from the ground window.
Nowadays, Japanese-style rooms, which are connected to the living room and Western-style rooms, are also commonly seen. Many people may prefer a modern Japanese atmosphere rather than a purely Japanese style. However, the feeling of a floor seat carved in the long history is natural for many Japanese people.

When choosing a sofa, the one with a low seating surface and a low overall height will blend into space without any discomfort.

2. Be aware of the interior composition of the entire space

A Japanese taste is easier to make a high-quality impression than a Western taste since it naturally harmonizes with space if you want to arrange the tatami mats. When in doubt, it is recommended to choose natural materials such as wood, rattan frames, and upholstered seats.

If you have a Japanese-style room that is continuous with the living room, or if you have a modern space with tatami mats, you can try using materials such as leather and irons. However, the trick is to incorporate points to the extent that you do not overdo them.

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Try not to damage tatami mats

It is important to be careful not to damage the tatami mats when placing, not just the sofa, but all types of furniture on them. If you drag it, it will be scratched of course. In addition, tatami mats are softer than flooring, so even if you put furniture, it may be partially dented. The load is concentrated for the thin legs, so it is recommended to use thick legs or a design that is supported by a surface. It is also effective to lay rugs and mats, but be careful not to let the tatami mats grow mold due to moisture buildup.

Also, if you are in a situation where you can choose a new tatami mat, new construction alike, I recommend using a tatami mat made of Japanese paper. In addition to being stronger and less likely to be scratched than rush tatami mats, it also has the advantages of being “resistant to water,” “difficult to discolor,” and “less likely to cause mold and mites.” There are plenty of color variations, so check it out if you want a modern Japanese-style room.

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