Coordination of popular Japanese modern living room

March 8, 2021

Coordination of popular Japanese modern living room

What kind of coordination is “Japanese modern” that combines Japanese and modern?

A calm Japanese modern style that makes you feel relaxed while being fashionable and modern. The Japanese modern style is a popular style in domestic culture that creates a feeling of relaxation peculiar to Japan.
How can we incorporate such Japanese modernity into the living room?
In the first place, Japanese modern is a style that combines the elements of traditional Japanese living and the elements of “modern”, which is a contemporary design. Although, there is no clear definition.

The essence of Japanese can be strengthened by laying out simple modern furniture based on fittings that make use of the original texture of wood and incorporating Japanese items such as tatami mats, shoji doors, and Japanese textiles.
Japanese-style modern is popular not only for people who have lived in a house with a Japanese-style room, but also for relaxing both physically and mentally while feeling nostalgia, and is attracting attention from foreigners as a novel and stylish space.
I would like to propose a Japanese lifestyle that suits the modern tips with some examples.

The tips of how to create a Japanese modern living room

Even if we say “Japanese modern”, there are plenty of variations that exist.
One example is the combination of using dark brown furniture and white walls. On the other hand, by using the lighter color of beige for the furniture, the room’s impression will be natural taste. With this said, the balance between “Japanese” and “Modern” will slightly change the impression.

Let’s try to decide whether you would like to make your room a natural expression by using white wood or literary contrast (or even the middle). If using matcha color or some pale colors, it will become more like Japanese style.

In addition, adding tatami mats, lights that are covered with washi (Japanese paper) or any sort of Japanese furniture will make it more authentic.

When creating a Japanese style, the texture of each material will be also important. Try not to use plastic or artificial but natural wooden materials.

Let’s see some examples below.

Example of Japanese modern style living room

You can arrange the style by using monotones of white and black and a combination of a low table with tatami mats. It is very popular to put the sofa in the current living room, but the traditional Japanese style was sitting on the floor.

It will become a more natural taste if you arrange some wooden shelf and grid. Wooden grid was often used in traditional Japanese housing for daylighting and ventilation, blindfold. Those kinds of designs will make your room more like Japanese.

Do not forget to arrange some greens in your room as well. Not just using the plants but also “bonsai” or any sort of Japanese plants will definitely express the room more authentic.

Why don’t you start arranging some small Japanese interior at first to see how cozy you feel?

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