Who is Interra USA, Inc.?

October 20, 2020

Who is Interra USA, Inc.?

This will be the very first post for our blog. Let me briefly introduce our company. We, Interra USA, Inc., are an import/export company that mainly deals with building materials in the U.S. wholly-owned subsidiary of JK Holdings Co., Ltd. Our office is located in Seattle, Washington. Although some staff members are working remotely from different states. We were established in 2000 as an exporting company (as you may realize, it is the 20th anniversary as of 2020!). Due to the market changes, we started importing products from all over the world using our network both in Japan and overseas companies to create a “Comfortable & Rich Living Environment” in the United States. We currently distribute our building materials all over the U.S., Japan, and many other countries.

Creating a Comfortable & Rich Living Environment

Interra USA considers global environmental problems as one of the most material issues for our management to consider to pursue the part of our identity that states: “Creating a Comfortable & Rich Living Environment.” Since our main products were plywood and other wooden building materials, we consider that establishing a recycling-based society by utilizing forest resources such as wood and wood-based building materials helps reducing greenhouse gases and maintain biodiversity. To protect natural forests and continue sustainable wood supply, we have created a basic policy for wood procurement and implements the policy on a step-by-step basis.

JK Holdings Co., Ltd. Profile

We are a wholly-owned subsidiary of JK Holdings Co., Ltd., the largest wholesaler of building materials in Japan with over a hundred of sales branches, warehouse/distribution centers, and over 65 subsidiaries (distributors, manufacturing, builders, insurance, mortgage, franchise for local lumber yards, and travel agency companies).
Headquarters – Wood Land Tower 1-7-22 Shinkiba Koto-Ku, Tokyo 136-8405 Japan
Website – http://www.jkhd.co.jp
Foundation – October 1937
Establishment – February 15, 1949
Number of Employees – 1,607(including employees temporarily transferred to subsidiaries)

What will Interra USA post?



Building Materials
We have deep experience in building material and knowledge of the cultural differences between Japan and other countries. We can offer you the appropriate building materials for your business, construction, and housing.
Our current project: Daiken Team Project – MDF, Tatami, GRAVIO EDGE, etc.
Joto-Vent System Project
Protective Materials Project
Other Project

Recommendation for the Interior/Exterior Design
As we mentioned earlier, we are importing various products from many countries. By showing the trends of Japanese construction, we can give you some tips on the interior and exterior design with attractive pictures.

We will update more information on this blog and social media, so please keep checking our posts!
If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail or DM us!

>>Website: https://interra-usa.com/
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>>Email: info@interra-usa.com
>>Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/interrausa/?hl=en
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