Attending NeoCon 2021

October 25, 2021

Attending NeoCon 2021

Our Vice President and Business Development Manager went to Chicago to attend NeoCon 2021 — a three-day-long showcase that is held yearly for the commercial design industry.

NeoCon 2021 was taking a place from October 4th to 6th. Furniture companies from all over the world held booths there to share ideas of cutting-edge designs and products. Many of the well-known Japanese companies such as Okamura, Ito, and Kotobuki, join this showcase.

As the COVID-19 cases decline, more people are going back to their offices to continue working. Therefore, the demand for office furniture remains.

Our Vice President and Business Development Manager attended NeoCon 2021 to see the shift in office furniture during the pandemic and to explore the possibility of business opportunities.

Here is the main takeaway of office furniture trends during the pandemic:

Office furniture is built in a way that keeps social distance and privacy.

As for a business opportunity, Interra USA is hoping to supply its products that could be used as materials that office furniture uses. We are discussing the possibility of supplying MDF as a core material for partition, which is one of the most important office furniture products.

Some people go back to the office. Some people continue working remotely.

For those who chose to work remotely, our product, DAIKEN tatami mat would be a great home office product to have.

Spilling tea?
No problem. Our Daiken tatami mat is water-resistant. As soon as you wipe the spill, you don’t get any stains.

Need some stretch?
Lie down and stretch your body as much as you want on the tatami mat.

Our DAIKEN tatami mat serves more than just creating a relaxing Japanese vibe at home. They are practical in many ways:
Can be installed in a working space, a playground, and a living room.
Unlike traditional Japanese tatami mat, our tatami mat is easy to take care of and can be installed at a Western-style home effortlessly.

If you have questions about DAIKEN tatami mat, feel free to contact us!
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