Tatami Mat Checkered Pattern – Ichimatsu Shiki

January 6, 2021


What is Checkered Pattern 市松敷き (Ichimatsu Shiki)



The placement shown in the image above is called “checkered pattern”.
This kind of arrangement can be done with only one type of tatami color!

A checkered pattern was used in ancient Japanese ornaments.
Such as the squares on the chessboard have a black and white pattern for each square.

Ichimatsu pattern was used in the emblems of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. The two logos use a modified version of the Ichimatsu pattern, using three types of rectangular shapes. It incorporates the message of “harmony and diversity” brought by the collaboration between different countries and cultures.


A combination of tatami mats and checkered patterns

In recent years, the method of laying tatami mats to express a checkered pattern has become popular. Tatami mats are often thought to be old-fashioned may look fashionable if they are checkered. (Even if it’s not a checkerboard, there is a cool way to lay it originally..!)A checkered pattern can be expressed even with a single color (one type per color).
Frequently asked inquiries about checkerboard “I would like to order a checkered pattern.
Do I have to choose two colors, a light color, and a dark color?”
I get a question like this.
Of course, there are cases where two colors are used, but the above picture seems to have two colors side by side, but only one color tatami mat is used. The way light is reflected changes and the colors of adjacent tatami mats look different.

Important Point of Ichimatsu Pattern


The appearance will differ depending on the angle at which the tatami mats are viewed and the degree of light hitting (light rays), so if you place it as shown in the image above, it will not necessarily look like this.
However, please be assured that you can make an Ichimatsu pattern by alternating the directions of adjacent tatami mats.We would like everyone to experience the beauty that you can feel with the eyes.

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