Room Impression Changes Depending on Width and Which Direction to Lay Flooring

November 18, 2020

Room Impression Changes Depending on Width and Which Direction to Lay Flooring

Because the floor occupies most of the space of the housing, the atmosphere of the room changes greatly depending not only on the materials and colors but also on how to install and assemble.

Did you know that there are various types of floorboards? This time, we will introduce the basic knowledge about solid floorings, such as the flooring width and how to install the flooring, which is often used in the renovation.

6 patterns of how to install solid flooring

Basic installation that fits any room

Because it is simple, this pattern is easy to match with any furniture.

1. Straight Pattern

A method of installing materials of the same size while alternately shifting them with a certain width.
It gives an orderly and simple impression due to the regularity.

2. Random Pattern

This is a method of laying materials of various lengths.
It tends to be finished reasonably since it is not necessary to collect materials of the same length.

3. Diagonal Pattern

The floorboards are installed diagonally to the wall to create a space movement.
The spread of the floor gives a modern impression.

Assembling various angles of parquets create a unique pattern

Parquets can express the worldview of the room you want to create by combining each one with your own original and favorite pattern. In the case of the original, the price is higher since it is custom made.

Ready-made parts are also on sale, and if you choose the one you like, you can finish it reasonably. Even if it is difficult to think of a pattern from scratch, you can enjoy it if you choose from the parts.

4. Herringbone Pattern

A popular design that suits overseas styles such as Scandinavian and French.
This pattern used in the Palace of Versailles is characterized by a sophisticated and fashionable atmosphere.

5. French Herringbone / Chevron Pattern

A method of cutting the joint surface of the floor material at 45 degrees.
The finish will look cleaner and sharper than the normal herringbone pattern.

6. Parquet Pattern

Square parts that combine with the same length parquets will be pasted together in a checkered pattern.
It is also good to use it partially, such as switching spaces.

The expression of the flooring changes depending on the width of the board

-Wide flooring- Because of the wide flooring, you can taste the authentic wooden texture.

Flooring materials with an average width of 7’ is common, but more and more people are currently daring to choose wider ones. By widening the width, you can enjoy the grain of each piece of wood, and the number of joints is reduced, giving a refreshing impression.

However, there are some tips to keep in mind when choosing a wide range. Solid wood has a natural humidity control function that releases moisture and shrinks when the room dries. It absorbs moisture and swells in a damp room. As a result, there are gaps in solid wood flooring, especially in summer. You should better keep in mind that wide flooring tends to have large gaps. At the same time, gaps are also one of the best parts to enjoy natural wooden materials.

See as many examples as possible and find your ideal!

“This way of installation is great!” I should have chosen it because I thought, but when it was completed, it was different from the image… It is a common story of failure. It is not recommended to decide the flooring only by looking at the small piece of parts. The impression is different when viewed in a small piece of parts and when viewed in a room area.

I will suggest you see as many actual cases as possible to catch the imagination. It is no exaggeration to say that the floor is the face of the room. If you can imagine your ideals realistically, you will surely have a satisfying room.

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