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“Creating a Comfortable & Rich Living Environment”

Interra USA, Inc. is a Japanese export/import company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of JK Holdings Co., Ltd.

JK Holdings Co., Ltd. is the largest wholesaler of building materials in Japan with over a hundred sales branches, warehouse/distribution centers, and over 65 subsidiaries (distributors, manufacturing, builders, insurance, mortgage, franchise for local lumber yards, and travel agency companies).

We, Interra USA, were established in 2000 as an export company. Currently, we import products from multiple countries using our network both in Japan and overseas companies to create a “ Comfortable & Rich Living Environment” in the United States market.



Interra USA

Message from the President

Masanori Katsumata

For over twenty years since Interra USA started in the business, we have made maximum use of our information collecting ability and overseas networks to provide comprehensive services to our customers.

Among the basic industries of “food, clothing, and housing”, the housing industry, which is the most lagging, still has plenty of room to develop in the future. With the principle of "Creating a Comfortable & Rich Living Environment," we at Interra USA are actively working on every aspect related to home living.

Our aim is to grow with our customers and partners through corporate activities, and so we look forward to even closer ties with you in the future.

Masanori Katsumata - President