How to Lay Tatami Mats

December 3, 2020

How to Lay Tatami Mats

Celebrations (Shugijiki) and Sad Occasions (Bushugijiki)

I would like to introduce how to lay tatami mats. There are two installation types of tatami mats: Celebrations and Sad occasions. In the usual situation, three or more corners should not meet at a single point, as it is said that this brings misfortune and/or sickness.

On the other hand, during funerals and other sad occasions, in rooms of 6 tatami mats or more, the corners of the tatami mats overlap, and 3 tatami mats and 4 and a half tatami mats with crossed seams are laid out differently than usual. At the funeral, various things such as turning the kimono of the dead to the left front and turning the folding screen (byōbu) upside down are made in unusual ways. This comes from the desire to make a strict distinction between life and death.

It is said that making the seams of tatami mats into crosses is because it is reminiscent of funerals. And is difficult to replace tatami mats nowadays.

3 tatami mats installation

4 and a half tatami mats installation

6 tatami mats installation

8 tatami mats installation

10 tatami mats installation

12 tatami mats installation

Unusual Ways of Laying Tatami Mats

4 and a half tatami mats installation

12 and a half tatami mats installation

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