How to Arrange Tatami Mats to Create Japanese-style Room

December 16, 2020

How to Arrange Tatami Mats to Create Japanese-style Room

A “tatami mat” that allows you easily create a Japanese space just by placing it on the flooring. Not only can you change the image of the room, but it also has a relaxing effect and is useful for heat insulation, cold protection, and soundproofing. Please see how to use “tatami mat” and popular products that we would like to recommend to all generations!

Tatami mats can be placed anywhere


This time, I would like to propose a “tatami mat” that allows you to easily create a Japanese style just by placing it on the flooring.

Features and benefits of tatami mats

What is the difference between ordinary tatami and tatami mats?
Unlike ordinary tatami mats, which are spread out exactly according to the room, the tatami mats are unit type, and the feature is that you can place your favorite size in any place you like.

Half tatami size that can be combined as you want
A typical tatami mat is a square half tatami size and can be used in combination. The mainstream size is 2.7ft x 2.7ft.
There is also a smaller size, which is convenient to carry and move.


Even one woman can easily install it!
One half tatami mat size weighs about 3 to 4 Ibs. Even women can easily carry and handle it. The point that it is easy to clean.
It’s economical because you only have to prepare as many as you need.

Cushioning and soundproofing effect
It has a moderate cushioning property, so it is perfect for a space where children play. It is also a soundproofing measure and is recommended for families living in condominiums who are worried about the sound of children jumping. You can also install them under the Japanese futon when sleeping as the traditional way.


Comfortable with excellent heat insulation and moisture retention
Tatami has high heat insulation and moisture retention. It can prevent the heat of summer and the cold of winter.
It has a nice scent and feel and will heal your mood all year round.

High design performance!
Recent tatami mats come in a wide variety of colors.
You can change the color of each room according to the interior, or combine the two colors.


Fashionable use example of tatami mats

Let’s make your living room modern
The natural color of the rush straw is nice, but the chic brown color goes well with the flooring.
It would be nice to add accents with modern colors such as red and blue.
Why don’t you give your room a unique look with colors?

Change the children’s room where can play safely
How about laying tatami mats in the playroom of small children as a measure against falls? The unique scent and texture will relax your mood. By the way, this photo looks like a combination of two colors of tatami mats, but in fact, only one color is used. If you change the weaving direction, you can add a pattern like this by adjusting the amount of light.


Instead of a rug in front of the sofa
If you want to take in Japanese taste casually, try laying tatami mats at the feet of your sofa or table. You should be able to relax with a cool feeling in the summer and a warm feeling in the winter. It is suitable for living alone or in a small room, and if you use it in a large room, you can buy more units, so it will not be wasted.

For a little rising space
There is also a type of unit tatami with storage.
It’s cool to make such a small rise in the corner!

Points to choose tatami mats

Choose the material natural or chemical?
Natural rush regulates the humidity in the room and is said to be expected to have air-purifying and deodorizing effects. On the other hand, tatami mats made of chemical products are less likely to discolor due to sunburn and have the advantage of preventing mold and mites.

Washi is attractive for the smooth texture
In addition to rush and chemical material, Japanese paper weave is sometimes used as the material for tatami mats. Japanese paper is highly durable and water repellent, so it is recommended for children’s rooms.
Prices will vary depending on the material, so please compare and choose.

Check edges, size, and anti-slip
There are two types of tatami mats, the “Ryukyu tatami 琉球畳”, which has no border, and the one with a border, which has an old-fashioned taste. Tatami mats without rims are easy to match with Western-style rooms, and with rims, the space becomes tight and calm. Let’s stick to the image of the edge according to your taste. It is also a point to check before purchasing whether there is a non-slip on the backside.


Heal your foot with tatami mats …

On the floor of a room where something is unsatisfactory or somehow unusable, the tatami mats may fit nicely.
Be sure to check out the various tatami mats that will renew your image.

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