GRAVIO Embossed Type: Installed in River Terrace Crossing by Ichijo USA !!

April 1, 2023
GRAVIO Embossed Type: Installed in River Terrace Crossing by Ichijo USA !!

We are so happy to announce DAIKEN’s GRAVIO Embossed Type has been introduced in model houses in River Terrace Crossing operated by Ichijo USA!

GRAVIO Embossed Type is a non-combustible decorative wall panel that realizes a beautiful finish and easy installation.

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Here are examples of how GRAVIO Embossed Type is installed in the model house.

1. Bedroom

2. Hallway

As you can see, ​​Gravio can be easily installed on the walls of your home and can add a stylish and fashionable accent to your room!

GRAVIO Embossed Type has been installed in 1 model house in River Terrace Crossing in Portland.

We are so excited to be able to reach out to more and more people and show them the advantages of having GRAVIO Embossed Type through the project.

Continuing from last year, we are very grateful that we could collaborate with Ichijo USA and be part of the project again!

Please visit River Terrace Crossing to see Ichijo USA’s stylish homes and how DAIKEN’s GRAVIO Embossed Type installed in contemporary places actually looks and feels.

If you have any questions regarding River Terrace Crossing and GRAVIO Embossed Type, please feel free to contact us!

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