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The Joto Vent System

The Joto Vent System is a new system for the US market, however it has been used successfully in Japan for the past 40 years and it is their standard for crawl space ventilation.

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Daiken Logo


Daiken is creating “New Lifestyle and Values” in three main core business areas – Housing, Ecology, and Engineering. Daiken’s mission is to deliver an Eco Friendly and Healthy Lifestyle by fully utilizing the natural resources. Meanwhile Daiken is also introduce the beauty of mother nature resources – Japanese wood made products to the consumer.

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Protective Material Logo

Protective Materials

MF Corporation have been developing and selling protective materials in Japanese market for a long time, which prevent scratches and dirt on building components in construction work. These protection materials are also applied in carrying work sites for frames of entrance, walls, floors, and interior walls of elevator. These protection materials are called "Yojo-zai(material)" in Japanese industry.

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