We import a special lighter density MDF which is lighter than the MDF currently being sold in the US market. This MDF is made from plantation softwood (Radiata Pine in New Zealand), FSC® and ULEF/CARB P2 certified for the North American market. Some applications where special light MDF would excel at are kitchen cabinet, cabinets for mobile home, trailers and boats where weight is a major concern.


Customwood MDF ULEF/CARB P2 certified

Customwood is the one of the subsidiaries of Daiken Corporation which is one of the biggest building materials manufacturers in Japan and our parent company in Japan, JK Holdings Co., Ltd. is their biggest buyer.

And we, Interra USA are the exclusive distributor for the Customwood MDF (New Zealand) to the North American market.



Customwood produces six different densities as follows.

1. Standard Density - 42.45lbs/ft3 -50lbs/ft3 (680kg/m3 – 800kg/m3) Class C fire rated (ASTM E84-15a)
2. Light Density - 34.34lbs/ft3 – 40.58lbs/ft3 (550kg/m3-650kg/m3)
3. Ultra-Light Density - 31.21lbs/ft3-37.46lbs/ft3 (500kg/m3-600kg/m3) Class B fire rated (ASTM E84-15a)

In addition, we produce lighter density than current MDF which has been sold in the world. Customwood is the only manufacturer in the world who can produce the following densities:

4. Super Ultra-Light (SUL) - 28lbs/ft3 (450kg/m3)
5. Feather Light (FL) - 24.9lbs/ft3 (400kg/m3)
6. Pin-able (PNBL) - 21.9lbs/ft3 (350kg/m3) Class B fire rated (ASTM E84-15a) (PNBL is perfect for office partition purposes!)

Can you imagine how much lighter they are?

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Also visit Customwood website http://www.customwood.co.nz

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Customwood is one of the subsidiaries of Daiken Corporation which is one of the biggest building materials manufacturers in Japan and our parent company in Japan, JK Holdings Co., Ltd. is their biggest buyer.



Why Daiken Tatami?

Tatami is a Japanese unique culture never seen in other countries in the world.

Traditionally, Tatami is composed of a board made of straw and surface covered with woven Igusa(Rush straw). However, Tatami made of "Rush straw" have some disadvantages such as causing discoloration, abrasion, and tick exposure.

DAIKEN developed a new material of Tatami using Japanese woven paper. This surface has a high performance which includes resistance to ticks, mold, climate, water, and abrasion.

Enjoy comfortable living with DAIKEN Tatami.

Made in Japan


Tatami Surface - From a luxurious type to versatile type, DAIKEN's tatami surface offers various types of patterns. The product can be used for a wide range of locations such as houses, apartments, hotels, and restaurants.

Tatami Mat Specifications-

  • Dimensions: 13mm thick, 820x820mm
  • Packing material, quantity: Cardboard case (2 or 3 pieces per package)
  • Weight: Approx. 3kg per piece
  • Base material: Insulation board
  • Front surface: Machine-made Japanese Washi paper* fabrics (DAIKEN's Tatami facing)
  • Back surface: Slip-proof sheet
  • Formaldehyde regulations: Labeling exempted product machine-made Japanese Washi paper is used. This is not hand-made Washi paper made of hybrid mulberry, oriental paperbush, etc.
InterraUSA_13.Daiken Tatami Mat Size.jpg

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Gravio Edge

Accent Wall Panel

Non-combustible wall panel that realizes a beautiful finish and easy installation

We proudly introduce a new fire-resistant decorative panel for the interior, which incorporates a field-proven underlayment, as the base material.

This non-combustible wall panel has an excellent lightweight property and workability. Its unique cut-end design helps the product fit neatly, reducing labor for installation.

The versatile lineup of products with high-quality patterns allows various applications for residential, commercial, and public use.

The non-combustible wall panel is the new standard of interior facing. The decorative panel keeps the interior beautiful and clean, enhancing the value of facilities and housing.

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