Ceiling Materials

About DAIKEN Ceiling

DAIKEN Ceilings are made from selected mineral rockwool fibers and special binders. The mineral rockwool fibers uniformly interwoven by the unique wet-felting process to form DAIKEN Ceilings. Because the DAIKEN Ceilings has porous properties with a low specific gravity, they exhibit efficient thermal insulation and sound absorption qualities, while resisting sound transmission more effectively than glass fiber products.

DAIKEN Ceiling Concept

DAIKEN 5 Policies

Ceiling Types

Exceltone MR EXCELTONE MR Pattern: Timeless
Recommend: Office
Exceltone DL EXCELTONE DL Pattern: Luxurious
Recommend: Entrance
Healty Ceiling Healty Ceiling Pattern: Emboss
Recommend: Home

Our Recommendations

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