Interra USA, Inc. is a Japanese export/import company and a wholly owned subsidiary of JK Holdings Co., Ltd. 


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JK Holdings Co., Ltd. is the largest wholesaler of building materials in Japan with 115 sales branches and warehouse/distribution centers and 65 subsidiaries (distributors, manufacturing, builders, insurance, mortgage, FC for local lumber yards and travel agency companies) all in Japan and Interra USA was established in 2000 as an exporting company as an interface for our parent company and the subsidiaries located in Japan and overseas countries like China, Russia, Taiwan etc.

Currently we import products from Asian and Oceanian countries using our JK network both in Japan and overseas companies and liaison offices to expand our sales in the North American market. Look for our FSC® Product offerings.

For exporters, we can use our extensive JK network to introduce Japanese and the other Asian customers to you along with current building trends for these regions. For wholesalers and distributors in North America, we can source anything you'd like for the North American market throughout our extensive JK network.

Please contact us if you'd like to work with us for both export and import!

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